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Les Chemins de Bassac
  Les Chemins de Bassac
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"Il y a sans doute pour chacun de nous un cœur lointain
qui aspire et refoule sans cesse un paysage élu"

Pierre-Albert Jourdan

This is an old estate, created in the 19th century, which has been a part of the shadows and light of the long saga of winemaking in the Languedoc region.
It has achieved recognition through years of effort nourished by enthusiasm for wine and the conviction that this soil harbours a noble character.
The estate now covers fifteen hectares and is one of the most beautiful estate in Languedoc.
Bassac is a hamlet where the roads around are an an invitation to stroll over sunny hillsides with olive trees, vines, oaks and cypress trees...

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The wines
- ISA white
- ISA rosé
- ISA red
- CAP DE L'HOMME white
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